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Captain Sub

Title Captain Sub Genre Action
Developer Tom Create Co., Ltd Price 200 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US) 18-Apr-2011 Release Data(EU) 01-Apr-2011


Search the depths of the sea for lost treasure in this charming underwater adventure. Take control of a yellow submarine equipped with a mechanical arm that can grab treasure off the sea floor. Explore an underwater labyrinth of caverns and caves littered with treasures but surrounded by deadly sea creatures. Fire missiles forward to attack creatures in front and launch missiles upward to fend off dangers from above. Keep an eye out for keys to unlock doors to deeper caverns as you gradually make your way to the hidden chamber where the giant underwater boss awaits.

Explore the depths of the ocean in a mini submarine in your search for hidden treasure.
Watch out above for rival treasure hunters trying to sink your sub by dropping explosive charges.
Find the keys to the treasure chamber where you'll come face to face with the level boss.
Tap the button as fast as you can to escape before the giant snake crushes you!
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