GameBridge/Go Series

Dark Spirits

Title Dark Spirits Genre Shooting
Developer Genterprise Price 200 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US)  -  Release Data(EU) 24-Nov-2010


Use your familiars to shoot down the enemy! Destroy the enemy by making use of the four familiars that fly in formation around the player vessel in this side-scrolling shooting game. Quickly switch the formation pattern of your familiars with the touch of a button. When you destroy an enemy, its soul becomes available to collect. Collect the soul with one of your familiars to upgrade its attack or switch it to a different attack type. The familiar's attack can be upgraded by collecting multiple souls of the same color in a row. The four familiars power up and change independently of each other, making for a game of strategy as you plan how to use each one effectively.

Use four different types of ammo and take on wave after wave of enemies.
Four types of spirits can be configured for various styles of attack.
Keep your nerve as you confront elaborate and often giant bosses at the end of each level.
The intense action will test your reflexes and concentration in this action packed, stylish shooter.
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