GameBridge/Go Series

Defence Wars

Title Defence Wars Genre Military action
Developer Tom Create Co., Ltd Price 200 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US) 25-Oct-2010 Release Data(EU) 24-Sep-2010


Defend your base from attack until the reinforcements arrive! Take control of an arsenal of weapons and fight off wave after wave of enemy attack. Hold your base by flicking bullets and bombs at the incoming enemies using the Nintendo DSi stylus. Arm your base with guns, cannons and tanks in preparation for the onslaught and then attack with everything you've got.

Using the turrets at the bottom, defend your base against the incoming forces.
The action is intense as the enemy throws everything they've got to breach your defences.
Stand your ground until the reinforcements arrive and you'll complete the mission.
If the enemy destroys all of your defences before the reinforcements arrive they'll overrun your base and it'll be game over.
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