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Escape Trick - Convenience Store

Title Escape Trick - Convenience Store Genre Action Puzzle
Developer Intense Price 500 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US)  -  Release Data(EU) 19-Apr-2012


Your quiet, routine job working as a shop assistant in a local convenience store is suddenly and dramatically turned upside down. When you arrive at work there are no customers and no other staff around. Items are out of place, doors are unusually locked and there is an eerie sense that something is different. When you try to leave the shop you realise that you've been locked in. But why? And by whom? What is going on? Alone in the shop, make use of any items you can to escape and figure out the mystery behind the day's strange occurrence.

You're on your way to work at the local convenience store like any other day, but today is going to be far from normal.
You're mysteriously trapped inside the store for no reason and with no one around! What is going on?
Why has someone glued the door shut? Examine items and look for clues as you search for ways to solve the many puzzles that are keeping you trapped inside the store.
Why would anyone lock all the doors with just you inside? Figure out a way to escape and find out who is responsible.
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