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Escape Trick - Ninja Castle

Title Escape Trick - Ninja Castle Genre Action Puzzle
Developer Intense Price 500 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US)  -  Release Data(EU) 15-Dec-2011


You are trapped inside Ninja Castle, which is riddled with deadly traps, and death is only ever one wrong step away. Explore surfaces for hidden items and secrets that can help you overcome the many obstacles and dangers that lie in your path. Utilise items in unique ways and solve the many puzzles on your way out of Ninja Castle.

Trapped inside a castle of traps, use your ninja agility and skills to escape.
Examine everything to uncover clues and spring deadly traps.
Paralyzed! Which of your ninja skills can you use to get out of this situation?
The castle is full of puzzles that will test your mental resolve.
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