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Escape Trick - Rock City Prison

Title Escape Trick - Rock City Prison Genre Aciton Puzzle
Developer Intense Price 500 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US)  -  Release Data(EU) 24-Nov-2011


Mastermind your escape from Rock City Prison after being locked up on a 10 year term. Every night when the lights go off, use the stylus to search for secrets and hidden items in your cell that will help you in your escape. Combine the items you find and utilise them in various ways to make the most of your limited resources. Uncover and solve puzzles to reveal hidden clues and hints as you plot your way out of jail.

Uncover clues and solve secret puzzles to find a hidden way out of your prison cell.
Make use of all the items you have, often in imaginative ways, to progress.
You'll test your problem solving skills with many different and often elaborate puzzles.
You'll need to think fast if you are going to stop the poisonous gas from escaping.
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