GameBridge/Go Series

Fishing Resort

Title Fishing Resort Genre Fishing
Developer Konan Electronics Price 200 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US) 01-Sep-2011 Release Data(EU) 11-Aug-2011


Feel the swing of the fishing rod as you cast, the tension in the line as you reel in the fish and its weight as you catch it with the net. Use the Stylus to feel every bite, tug and pull. Buy new rods, lines, floats and bait, take part in challenges and trade Member's Cards and Rankings with friends via Wireless Communications. Developed in Japan with anime graphics and style, Fishing Resort oozes charm and is a delight to play.

Throw your line into the water and wait for a fish to take the bait. Get ready to yank the line as soon as the float goes under.
Hooking a big fish will trigger special scenes!
Reel in the fish by flicking the Stylus in the direction the fish is pulling. The more accurately you match the direction the quicker you can land the fish.
There are dozens of fish of all shapes and sizes to catch in Fishing Resort.
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