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Let's Swing

Title Let's Swing Genre Platform
Developer Genterprise Price 200 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US)  -  Release Data(EU) 29-Oct-2010


Swing from bar to bar in this unique twist on the gymnastic sport "High Bar".Make your way from start to finish across a room by only swinging from bar to bar. As the distance between the bars increases both horizontally and vertically you'll need to build up more and more speed before leaping. Collect as many items as you can on the way for bonus points.

Make your way to the exit swinging from pole to pole in this original take of Horizontal Bar.
As you swing through the level be sure to pick up as many collectables as you can to receive bonus points.
Test your nerve and agility as you swing dangerously close to electricity fields on your way to the exit.
Make it through the level to the exit without touching anything or falling off to complete the level.
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