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Title Picdun Genre Action RPG
Developer Intense Price 500 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US) 06-Jun-2011 Release Data(EU) 20-May-2011


PICture DUNgeon is a very unique action RPG. Every step you take exploring the dungeon will fill in the blanks of a hidden picture. Use your head to solve puzzles that unveil hidden passages and use your pedometer to help find every step that will reveal the hidden images. Attack & counter with your sword & shield, charging up attacks to unleash killer blows. Upgrade your weapons and equipment and fight fight through hordes of creatures as you explore deeper into the dungeon. There's a picture on each of the 60 floors to unlock, each more detailed than the last. Picdun will keep you playing for a very long time.

As you explore the dungeon you'll come face to face with many types of monsters. Use your sword to swipe at enemies and your shield to block attacks.
Every step you take in the dungeon will enter a dot on the map in the Top Screen. Step on every square in the dungeon to reveal a hidden picture.
The deeper you go into the dungeon the more dangerous enemies you'll encounter, this one as big as the screen!
If you step on every square before reaching the exit you'll complete the hidden picture created by the map.
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