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Pinball Attack!

Title Pinball Attack! Genre Pinball
Developer Artepiazza Price 500 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US) 08-Nov-2010 Release Data(EU) 08-Nov-2010


Pinball Attack is a unique fusion of pinball, exploration and shooting! Control the flippers of a pinball machine in this adventure pinball game as you go on a magical journey to the seabed, under the earth, through a jungle and into space. As the scenery passes by in the background use the pinball to fight off enemies such as a giant blow fish, collect bonuses and powers ups. Reach the end of each level and defeat the boss laying in wait to progress on to the next world. Developed by ArtePiazza.

Use your flippers to prevent the ball from falling as you pass through some amazing worlds on a pinball journey.
Hold the ball up using your flippers and then attack by flipping the ball up past the enemy's defences to hit its weak point.
Explore five mysterious worlds each with its own environments and colorful creatures.
Your pinball travels will even take you into space!
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