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Portable Shrine Wars

Title Portable Shrine Wars Genre Action
Developer G-Style Co., Ltd Price 200 Nintendo Point
Release Data(US) 28-Jul-2011 Release Data(EU) 28-Jul-2011


Ever seen a summer festival in Japan where dozens of people carry a huge portable shrine on their shoulders called a "Mikoshi"? In "Portable Shrine Wars" teams of Mikoshi carriers go head to head in a fast and frantic competition. Barge opponent mikoshi's into the crowd or fling team members at them to send them crashing to the ground. As you run past grab any men that have fallen from their mikoshi to recruit them. The more men you have the faster you can run carrying the mikoshi and the more human-ammunition you'll have. You'll need to battle giant festival bosses and mikoshi ninjas while avoiding pit holes and other obstacles. Portable Shrine Wars is a fast and crazy game and there is almost certainly nothing else like it.

Race to the finish line as fast as possible by smashing and barging your way through, sending rival shrines flying.
Grab any men that fall off rival shrines to recruit them and speed up your own portable shrine.
Portable shrines with shuriken throwing ninjas are just one of the many opponents you'll come across!
You'll lose many men holding up your shrine if one of those giant spinning tops hits you.
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